Every Woman is Perfect and these 8 Models Prove this

Every Woman is Perfect

Woman can do everything. These 8 models proved that every woman is perfect and can do everything with her strong will power. Field isn’t obstacle for her as she relies on her arms.

These fashion icons ladies will prove that woman can do everything, no one can stop her to do so. She’s perfect and will so.

Sabina Karlsson

Sabina has a treasure of curly natural hair, a gap between the teeth and face covered with freckles. Even with all things, she’s plus-sized also but she never be confused with other model.

“My first season when I wanted to go to Milan, they told me that I would have to lose weight,” says Karlsson, who says that she had never been asked to change her physique during her teen modeling years. “It was difficult. Still, I wanted to be able to go to Milan and do shows because I knew that I could do it, and I wanted to prove myself.”

“At the end, it was a constant battle between me and my body,” says Karlsson. “I was never sample size naturally, so it was a struggle for me to try and maintain that. I thought that when I couldn’t keep the measurements that the agencies were telling me I needed to have that it would be the end of my career.” So, she took a break.

Every Woman is Perfect Cipriana Quann

Also known as Urban Bush Babes. It seems she put a wig on her head but actually this isn’t wig at all. Her hairs are natural. Her twin sister TK Wonder has too incredible hairs that make people to see twice to get of hairs are real.

“I was beginning to actually hate my hair and seeing it as a huge obstacle,” Cipriana said. She isn’t ashamed of her hair. Now, so forth the girls do, they do it with determination, self-confidence, ambition along with their thick and long hair.

Urban Bush BabesHanne Gaby Odiele

This Belgian girl has worked with Prada, Gucci, Alexander Wang and Dior. Recently, she revealed to public that she’s an intersexual. She was born a man but her body grows as a female. Apart from this, Hanne is easily recognized for her high forehead and cheekbones. She earned name in fashion industry.

Hanne Gaby OdielePaloma Elsesser

A plus-sized girl can be a model as fashion industry prefer to have slim and smart ladies? Well, answer is yes. Paloma Elesser is a plus-sized model who turn out to be a star of a Nike ad campaign. She earned fame through social networks.

Paloma ElsesserMasha Tyelna

John Galliano, Givenchy, Nina Ricci and many more fashion houses are fascinated by her. She might have the biggest eyes in the world. Masha is every so often called alien” or a Slavonic elf because of her big eyes.

Masha-TyelnaAnna Mila

Anna Mila is winning over shows by Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. A modeling agent noticed this rare beauty when she was doing grocery shopping with her mother. Her main feature is her natural shaggy eyebrows.

Anna MilaMirian Njoh

Mirian is an albino model. Her striking beauty amaze anyone who see her at first sight. She’s also a brilliant, stylist, photographer and blogger. The girl says she was frightened at school and had a hard time making peace with how she looks.

Mirian NjohAnna Brimma

Anna Brimma is one of the most talented models for British Anti Agency. They say she isn’t just clothes horses, she’s girl and boy with personality. She has distinct style and talent and she proves that she can do everything.


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Every Woman is Perfect and these 8 Models Prove this

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